My Name is Efrat Shalem

I'm a tech marketer, product manager, and social entrepreneur with a great passion for innovation.

Working and founding startup companies both in Israel and Ireland, granted me extensive hands-on and managerial experience in B2B and B2C marketing, product management, app + web UI/UX, and website building.

I enjoy collaborating with high achievers in order to solve real-life problems and deliver disruptive products to the market.

Working at the tech industry and participating in two accelerators with my own vendors, I had the chance to initiate and see through multiple projects for Cloud, AutoTech, Micro-mobility, Analytics of Things, and Social Commerce companies.

My way of doing things is to first research the market to spot the company's top competitors and identify any weak links that might hold back the company from getting through the right target audience and acquire customers. Then, I establish a sharp strategy that will enable us to transcend the competition - and the real marketing magic begins.

From achieving millions of dollars in investments to winning tech competitions, and obtaining giant companies as customers, my imagination coupled with my thorough methodology and result-driven approach, always gets the industry to pay noticed and realize that something new and exciting is out there.

In 2013, I founded my own marketing brand. Since then, I am always aspiring to set

new goals, expand my abilities, and realize

my visions in my own spicy way.

For my full resume, please visit my Linkedin profile.