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The Compact Guide To Tech Product Marketing

Simplifying PMM Essentials For All Levels

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Delve into the essence of product marketing and its significance in emerging startups and innovative tech enterprises with The Compact Guide To Tech Product Marketing. Uncover insights from my decade-long professional experience in high-tech, learn the secrets of the trade, and equip yourself with game-changing tools.

Ideal for aspiring tech product marketers, seasoned PMMs, business leaders, and entrepreneurs, this guide simplifies essential product marketing concepts, streamlines workflows, and enhances team collaboration. Explore responsibilities, best practices, and solutions to common challenges. Investigate the nuances and distinctions of B2C and B2B tech product marketing, including required qualifications and hiring processes, offering key takeaways for confident articulation.

Packed with real-world examples, strategies, and meticulously crafted PMM templates and infographics, this comprehensive guide serves as your mentor and companion. Nail product launches, maximize return on investment, and make your mark in the high-tech industry!


Essential Book

Available in English and Hebrew as a convenient on-the-go ebook and a traditional beautiful paperback book, this guide encompasses all the primary knowledge a tech PMM needs to carry!

Mini Masterclass

Get full lifetime access to a comprehensive learning experience with real-life tech PMM assignments, downloadable resources, and a Udemy completion certificate!

Ultimate Toolkit

Save tens of hours of work and present like a pro with a treasure trove of 80+ meticulously crafted slides, templates, and worksheets containing real-world tested examples tailored for tech PMMs. 

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