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Product Marketing-As-A-Service (PMMiya)


As a PMM consultant for startups and tech companies and creator of "The Compact Guide To Tech Product Marketing", I enjoyed sharing my knowledge and discussing the ins & outs of Product-Marketing-As-A-Service (PMMaaS) with Oryan Aviner, ex-CMO & Co-founder of the PMMiya.

In this podcast episode, we delve into our experiences as product marketing management consultants, sharing valuable examples and case studies while thoroughly exploring every aspect of the consulting process. We cover key topics such as:

- Who can benefit from PMM consultancy and important considerations to keep in mind.

- Strategies for acquiring your first clients.

- Crucial questions to ask during the initial conversation.

- How to assess whether a project aligns with your skills and experience.

- Tips for making an impact from the very first moment with different stakeholders (CEO/VP Product/CMO) to achieve ROI.

Join us as we tackle these essential subjects, providing insights for anyone aiming to excel in tech product marketing!

The Platform (Haratzif)


Had a great time discussing my entrepreneurial challenges and triumphs with aspiring entrepreneurs at The Platform Innovation Center in Tel Aviv together with my social entrepreneur colleague Maya Elias. We've discussed emotional and economic barriers and how to overcome them, conducted guided imagery training to create the future of our dreams, and went through the creation and marketing process of "The Compact Guide To Tech Product Marketing" as a case study for utilizing talent to build a yielding digital asset.

I hope my journey and insights inspired them to take action and overcome their barriers on their way to making their creative dreams an abundant reality.

The Platform
מכישרון לממון (2).jpg
Startup for Startup

Startup for Startup is an initiative by for sharing knowledge and insights between startups. They published my article "Spotlight on Product Marketing: A Startup’s First Must-Have for Marketing Success" which includes insights from my "The Compact Guide To Tech Product Marketing" online course.

Startup for Startup
Social Radio
"Sustainability or Not to Be" with Shmulik Schwartz

I was invited to The 1st Social Radio to talk about social entrepreneurship, startup building, ESG & Impact Investing - and how everything needs to be wrapped up in a sustainable business model that can possibly turn your Zebra startup into a Unicorn.

Lastartup Israel


Lastartup is a "one-stop-shop"​ for entrepreneurs and startups in Israel. The database includes blogs, events, tools, tutorials, VCs, accelerators, and more, all dedicated to startups in Israel. I write blogs in Hebrew about social entrepreneurship, startup building, product, and marketing.


A great honor to have my blog post "How to Build a Winning Team for Your Startup" chosen by Medium to be distributed and recommended to startup enthusiasts globally as part of their metered paywall. Luckily for you, my friends and colleagues get to read it for free - enjoy!

Summer at UCD

As part of an international internship in 2018, I stayed at University College Dublin and created a 90-second video of me exploring the Silicon Valley of Europe and inviting students and entrepreneurs to come to visit.

Pretty awesome 😁🙅🌐_Thanks! _miguelmckelvey__wework _weworkux _#wework #socialmedia #inn
WeWork Loves My Work

Getting some appreciation from Miguel Mckelvey, the co-founder of WeWork, for the Instagram shots I took at one of their TLV offices.

Winning Fresh Paint Competition

Won 1st place at the 2016 Fresh Paint Art Fair's Instagram competition, which granted me an original painting from the artist in addition to his huge artbook! 

Entrepreneurs love independence (_ Happy

Start-Up Stadium Celebrates Independence Day

Start-Up Stadium is the leading Start-Up, high-tech, and entrepreneurship community in Israel. I attended a special event held in collaboration with Poalim High-Tech, in honor of the 68 Independence Day of the State of Israel. After publishing the event's summary and photos I took on my website, Start-Up Stadium shared it on their own Facebook page.

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