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Lastartup Israel


If there's one thing investors should be impressed with, it's our ability to utilize resources to the maximum while reducing expenses to the bare minimum.
Learn how I founded EQUAL and got it sharp & ready for investment while spending less than $100 for a whole year!


A great honor to have my blog post "How to Build a Winning Team for Your Startup" chosen by Medium to be distributed and recommended to startup enthusiasts globally as part of their metered paywall. Luckily for you, my friends and colleagues get to read it for free - enjoy!

Lastartup Israel


After being chosen by Medium to be distributed as part of their metered paywall to startup enthusiasts globally, the Hebrew version of my blog post "How to Build a Winning Team for Your Startup" was just published on Lastartup Israel!

Lastartup Israel


Being a social entrepreneur, I realized that very few people know what social entrepreneurship actually is and that some of the wealthiest tech companies in the world are, in fact, social at their core - so, I wrote about it! 
In my post for Lastartup Israel, I'm giving a broad view of social entrepreneurship and its conflict with money, while sharing some practical steps on how to achieve success with your own social venture.

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Tech Marketing Lecture


Feeling there's a much-needed need to bridge the gap between marketing and other departments in tech companies, I'm giving a Tech Marketing Intro presentation, explaining what is marketing and why we need in tech, showing the marketing-sales process and giving real-life examples from my past works as a Tech Marketing Manager. 

Start-Up Stadium Celebrates Independence Day

Start-Up Stadium is the leading Start-Up, High Tech & Entrepreneurship community in Israel. I attended a special event held in collaboration with Poalim High-Tech, in honor of the 68 Independence Day of the State of Israel. After publishing the event's summary and photos I took on my website, Start-Up Stadium shared it on their own Facebook page.