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1. How to Turn Your Company Into a Winning Social-Driven Enterprise 

Very few people know what social entrepreneurship actually is and that some of the wealthiest tech companies in the world are, in fact, social at their core.

What should you expect to learn from my lecture?

In my lecture, I'm giving a broad view of social entrepreneurship and its conflict with money, while sharing some practical steps on how to turn your company into a winning social-driven enterprise.

2. Why Do We Need Marketing in Tech?

Working at Israel’s top startup companies, I realized that there's a much-needed need to educate both teams and executives about the role of marketing in tech companies in order to achieve collaboration and conquer business goals.

What should you expect to learn from my lecture?

I've created a detailed presentation that elaborates exactly why and how to do outstanding marketing that generates bottom-line sales for any type of startup - either B2B or B2C. Also, I strongly believe that social marketing can generate profits while changing the world for the better, and it’s my agenda for every company to combine social marketing as part of its growth strategy.