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My Name Is Efrat Shalem

I'm an impact entrepreneur, full-stack marketing, and product management specialist with a decade of professional experience in high-tech, helping startups disrupt markets by building and promoting innovative products.

I specialize in product marketing, product strategy, content writing, branding, web & app UX, and digital marketing.


My approach begins with thorough market research to identify top competitors and uncover key differentiators. I leverage this information to design a structured strategy with clear goals and KPIs, empowering companies to transcend the competition.

Throughout my career and entrepreneurial endeavors, I've been at the forefront of establishing startups and guiding them toward leaving a significant imprint on global markets.


I gained vast experience in transforming ideas into products and brands, leading strategy, GTM, and growth for b2b and b2c companies in various verticals including AI, big data, IoT, smart mobility, cloud, eCommerce, and fintech.


I crafted marketing strategies that landed big customers like IBM, Snap Inc., Turner, and Mercedes-Benz and helped attain millions of dollars in investments.

What truly fuels my drive is my unwavering passion for technology and its transformative power to better lives, and I value working with kind and intelligent individuals who walk their talk.

For my full resume, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

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