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Bookmarks Project

I think that the best way to get your organization noticed, is by making people something that they can use.

Therefore I came up with the Idea of creating Hillel TAU bookmarks and spreading them in the campus libraries.


Side A
Side B

The bookmark was designed to show the organization's most desirable value for TAU's students: Its ability to connect them with other Jewish students around the world.

I also combined a marketing gimmick to the bookmark, by adding a QR code that led to the Facebook page on one side, and an invite for engagement on the other. I located them at the end of the bookmark, so they will poke through while inside a book.

And so, during the exams period, we distributed them in the most common place for students to be at that time -

the libraries.


We also made it fun by playing a little game: Whoever pooled out a sticker-marked bookmark from the stack,  won a free coffee cup at one of the campus restaurants!

Then, I took a picture of the winners and published it on our Facebook page. As you can see, it made a great PR photo. 

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