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Community Management

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Israeli Entrepreneurs Looking for Jobs


This community group is designed to help Israeli entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of their business journey, to find temporary, part-time, and project-based jobs from companies and educational institutions that will utilize their skills in every area: software development, marketing, sales, design, product, economics, etc., and enable them to earn a living while starting their ventures without demanding anything beyond their professional skills.


DAV Scooter Owners


DAV was a community-driven micro-mobility platform where I worked as a Marketing and Community Manager. As part of our go-to-market strategy, we created FB groups in over 20 cities globally, where our scooter owners could get all our latest updates and connect and create business collaborations with their city community. On this platform, they could share urban mobility knowledge, exciting success stories, and business strategies, and ask for support.



BodkoBonding is a Facebook group I created in 2012 for the employees from my former workplace, the Security Division at the Israel Airport Authority ("Bodko" is a nickname for our position as inspectors). I realized that a division comprised of over a thousand workers (!) needs a place that will allow the workers to socialize, discuss things that can improve the workplace, and also exchange shifts with each other. The group contains about 800 employees and growing. I hope you like the cover I designed.




I created this group in 2012 as a place of interaction for fashion designers and fashion lovers, like myself.

On the one hand, I know how hard it is for young designers to make it in this industry. On the other hand, I also know that we as clients always look for the most unique designs.

This group addresses both interests.

You are more than welcome to join in and spread the word.



My Facebook Page


You are invited to like my page and stay up to date with new ideas and projects I come up with.

Maybe, the next one will be created for you...


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