Website Building & Design

WordPress Website for EQUAL


My two latest big purchases were around $250 each: a for EQUAL since we have outgrown the landing page - and - a washing machine since the last one broke down.
I now realized that it took me about a week and a half to decide to buy a new washing machine while it took me about a day and a half to buy a WordPress (then 3 days to design and launch it) - and I feel like if this was a priorities question in an entrepreneurial test, I would have probably get it right (;

Galooli Website.PNG
WordPress Website for Galooli


It took me about 3 months to build Galooli's new website on my own, but I finally launched it - and it was great getting notified by Google Analytics for Business that the new site's performance was a lot better than its forecast!
This is the 2nd WordPress website that I've built myself using the amazing Elementor plugin, and it was a big challenge for me having to deal with the technical, content and design sides altogether and still be able to provide great work to all the other areas of marketing I'm responsible for, being the only Marketing function at my company.

WordPress Blog for DAV


DAV empowers communities with a smart micro-mobility platform that enables them to build their own network of on-demand electric vehicles. As part of my role, I developed the company’s brand, message and voice, conducted market research and competitive analysis, built the blog website on my own and managed all communication platforms including the CRM and social media channels, wrote content for products, videos, landing pages, one-pagers, newsletters, and posts, and generated leads through PPC and SEO while using advanced analytics tools.


Equal Website.PNG
MailChimp Landing Page for EQUAL


Equal is a social eCommerce platform I founded that enhances the quality of life for individuals and increases businesses’ bottom line by creating a global marketplace where everyone gives and takes equally using a digital reward system.



Zoom project.PNG
Wix Landing Page for a Zoom Fun Project


A fun project I created about the next phase of Zoom Video Communications, Who knew it will get such a weird relevant meaning today.

Stride landing pgae.PNG
WebApp Design for Flair ​ 

Flair (formerly Stride) is a social AI-driven platform for college and career discovery. As part of an international internship, I was responsible for building and executing the company’s go-to-market strategy by doing market segmentation and competitive analysis, defining positioning, messaging and feature prioritization, and developing communication channels including the website's product pages and knowledge base, content, social media and event strategies, in order to promote the platform to students, schools, colleges, and employers.


Brenners Website.PNG
Wix Website for Keren Brenner's Band


A friend and colleague of mine was a member of a new Israeli band. He asked me in 2014 to promote them and encourage people to invest money in their Headstart project, so they would be able to release their debut album.

And so I took it upon myself to create a website, two facebook covers and a creative ad. With my help and the help of many others, they were able to reach their financial goal.

My Own Wix Website

I created ESM (Efrat Shalem Marketing), the online Marketing & Innovation magazine, to help entrepreneurs and startup professionals promote and generate profit from technology which was developed for the greater social good.