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My Logo

I designed my ESM (Efrat Shalem Marketing) logo to represent the three basic principles that I based my marketing work process:

Pink - represents the psychology of the target audience. Understanding your customers is the key to marketing success.

Red - represents spicy creativity. taking your psychological assumptions, and crafting materials that will engage your target audience and generate conversions.

Green - represents data analytics. Working without data is riding blindfolded. Always analyze your marketing campaigns' results so you'll know what works and what's not so you can improve and reach your KPIs.



Name, Slogan & Logo For EQUAL

Equal is a social eCommerce platform that enhances the quality of life for individuals and increases businesses’ bottom line by creating a global marketplace where everyone gives and takes equally using a digital reward system. I designed the logo using Looka AI-powered logo-generating platform.



Untitled design.png
Name, Slogan & Logo For Soundmates

As part of the BEE program of StarTAU,

Tel Aviv University Entrepreneurship Center,

My team and I were developing Soundmates app.

The app aimed to connect people through music- wherever they go!

As the Chief Marketing Officer, I was responsible for the marketing strategy and branding of the company.

You are invited to visit Soundmates Facebook page.


New Logo For Kipling

If you are not familiar with this brand, you should be. Kipling is a very well known bags company, that its trademark is a stuffed keychain monkey attached to each bag it sells.

As a teenager, I must admit that I sometimes fancied the keychain even more than the bag itself. And so, in my Art Direction studies when I had to choose a company to rebrand, I chose Kipling.

New Logo For Hapitria

Hapitria ('The Mushroom'), is an Israeli website that carries the slogan "Advertising, Creative & Web Phenomenons".

The website brings to its audience a variety of the most exciting and relevant social media posts, that can be found online.

After interviewing its founder for one of my Communication courses at the university, I created three different logos that capture the concept of the website.

Which one did you like the most?


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