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Entrepreneurs Looking for Jobs

The 1st community that is designed to assist Israeli entrepreneurs in securing temporary, part-time, and project-based positions across various domains such as software development, marketing, sales, design, product management, and more. The community empowers entrepreneurs to earn a living while launching their own ventures, requiring nothing more than their professional expertise. Founded by yours truly - you're welcome to join us!


MAX Impact Israel

A public benefit company that develops and operates a collaboration model for social-tech entrepreneurship in Israel, the Collaborative Impact Hub model, is a collaborative space for innovation and development of impact-tech initiatives, for societal, environmental, and community challenges, and for emergency tech solutions that will help support civilians during the Irons Swords war.


Hilma Tech For Impact

Inspired by the IDF Unit 8200, Hilma Tech for Impact is a non-profit organization founded by Israeli Hi-Tech executives to establish Israel as a world leader in social-tech innovation. They recruit and train talented volunteers from Israel and from around the world, and together, they develop technological solutions in the areas of welfare, education, and health care for disadvantaged populations and people with disabilities. After a successful deployment in Israel, some solutions will be distributed worldwide for the benefit and use of those who need them. 


Startup Reserves for Israel

SRI is a global force of founders, operators, investors, and business leaders committed to ensuring Israeli startups receive the support, guidance, and staffing they need to weather Swords of Iron. Their global network of volunteers is ready for action, and numbers in the thousands, spanning all technical and non-technical disciplines. They match startups that need resources with volunteers who hold expertise in the areas needed, and are committed to ensuring Israeli startups receive support, guidance, and personnel to weather the storm ahead.


An NPO that ensures that every boy and girl in the State of Israel, even ones in the periphery, has an equal opportunity for success in life. Together with thousands of high-tech businessmen and women from Israel and the world, Unistream works to reduce social gaps and create an Inclusive Start-Up Nation, with the aim of promoting social and economic leadership.



Tech4Ed responds to the increasing demand for impactful careers and a recognition of the crucial role of education. They strive to create a unified space connecting diverse sectors with shared goals. Tech4Ed's organizational objectives include fostering connections between high-tech and education, advocating for the importance of education and innovation in Israel, and promoting dual-profit awareness to reduce socio-economic gaps through education.


Tech Innovation In Education

The community brings together educators, EdTech entrepreneurs, and individuals in the innovation and technology fields. Together, they collaborate, brainstorm, and share opportunities, building stronger connections between technology innovation and education.

This community is a part of the activities organized by the Division for Technological Innovation in the Ministry of Education.


JustLaw Israel

JustLaw Israel aims to democratize legal services by leveraging technology such as artificial intelligence and chatbots to streamline and reduce the cost of legal assistance. Their mission is to bridge the gap between technology, law, society, and impact investments, promoting JusticeTech initiatives for the benefit of all. Supported by representatives from various sectors, JustLaw Israel welcomes additional partners in relevant fields.


Iron Match

The Iron Match project presents a more complete picture of the social impact map in Israel and makes hundreds of organizations, associations, and volunteer opportunities, including social-tech initiatives, accessible to the public to help more people find their place to do and receive good. Using the website is simple: you can view the complete list of the hundreds of initiatives collected, search by free typing, and filter by categories. In addition, you can use an artificial intelligence-based chatbot developed and adapted specifically to the platform, which provides an additional interface to find the initiative you are looking for. New initiatives can also be added freely without registration or cost.


SDGIsrael Ecosystem Map

Created by SDGIsrael, the map enables one to search for Israeli initiatives including startups, NPOs, and communities by their stated SDGs and impact metrics. SDGIsrael, an initiative by YKCenter and a UNGC member, harnesses Israel's innovation to address global challenges. They unite stakeholders, promote SDGs in Israel, and actively engage young activists and professionals. Notably, they're mapping SDG-related efforts in Israel, creating a comprehensive overview of who is working on which SDGs and they have rapidly grown their membership in just two months.


Israel’s Homeland Security

iHLS founded the first Security Accelerator in the world in the homeland security field. The company also operates the INNOFENSE innovation center in collaboration with Israel Ministry of Defense – MAF’AT (Administration for the Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructure). iHLS organizes professional conferences and exhibitions that attract the leading figures in Israel’s defense industries, high-rank military officers, investors, and entrepreneurs.


OGS - Our Generation Speaks

With a mission to create an entrepreneurial community of leaders committed to shaping a peaceful Israeli-Palestinian future built on trust, Our Generation Speaks is a Boston-based incubator and ‘people accelerator’ that joins Israeli and Palestinian entrepreneurs to create startups from scratch. Our fellows don’t just build companies—they are becoming the next generation of change agents.


Microsoft AI For Good

The AI for Good Acceleration Program helps purpose-driven ventures in Israel advance their AI solutions to create positive social transformation. For the fourth year running, Microsoft for Startups Israel and TechForGood will be selecting a cohort of startups committed to a social mission to join this 9-weeks program.


MassChallenge Israel

MassChallenge Israel is the largest and most diverse zero-equity accelerator in Israel. Since 2016, MassChallenge Israel has been proudly headquartered in the vibrant city of Jerusalem. Each year they accelerate between 40-50 companies, solving some of the world’s biggest problems through their core accelerator. In addition, they run a variety of stand-alone innovation programs throughout the year in collaboration with universities, hospitals, and corporate partners supporting dozens of additional founders.



PLANETech is the innovation community of the Israeli and global climate tech ecosystem, tackling the most prominent global challenge - climate change.

PLANETech devotes its efforts to supporting climate change technologies, which are part of a broad set of sectors that face the challenge of decarbonizing the global economy.

The community is a non-profit organization, which is a joint venture of the Israeli Innovation Institute and Consensus Business Group.


Israel Tech MatchMaker

Developed as part of the Good Company Movement, this AI-powered tool matches investors to the right startups, helps startups find the right business opportunities, and ensures the Israeli ecosystem continues and thrive and deliver - NO MATTER WHAT!



A family-owned venture capital that accelerates change by investing in early-stage disruptive technology. They believe that The purpose of business is to solve social economic and environmental problems while building transformative relationships with all stakeholders. Therefore they invest time, energy, and money in people first and technology next, to change paradigms that no longer serve our communities.


Aleph VC

Aleph is an early-stage venture capital fund focused on partnering with great Israeli entrepreneurs to build large, meaningful companies and impactful global brands. Founded in 2013, Aleph is a partnership of Michael Eisenberg, Eden Shochat, Yael Elad, and Tomer Diari, with $850M under management.


Weave Impact

Weave Impact is an advisory firm guiding its clients ‎in creating and implementing social impact investment strategies in Israel. Weave Impact identifies socially impactful, creative investment opportunities across all asset classes, customized to enhance its clients’ personal impact goals.


Israel Innovation Authority 

The Israel Innovation Authority, an independent publicly funded agency, was thus created to provide a variety of practical tools and funding platforms aimed at effectively addressing the dynamic and changing needs of the local and international innovation ecosystems. This includes early-stage entrepreneurs, mature companies developing new products or manufacturing processes, academic groups seeking to transfer their ideas to the market, global corporations interested in collaborating with Israeli technology, Israeli companies seeking new markets abroad, and traditional factories and plants seeking to incorporate innovative and advanced manufacturing into their businesses.

They created relief programs and a fast funding route for startups affected by the Iron Swards War.


Social Impact Israel

A blog that shares hundreds of Israeli activities from a variety of sectors in Israel. From the government-public sector, the private sector, non-profits, and organizations that work to create significant social impact inside and outside of Israel. This blog is for anyone who is interested in “Tikun Olam” and learning how Israel is making great efforts to advance our world to be a better place.


Code For Israel

A leading Israeli tech-for-good volunteer organization that consists of entrepreneurs, engineers, product experts, UX/UI designers, and data enthusiasts - who contribute their time and expertise to solve key challenges in Israeli society, and offer support in times of crisis.


Build To Support

The group brings together thousands of technologists who help launch dozens of impact projects for various entities, including donations infrastructures, WhatsApp group monitoring systems, immediate housing marketplaces, visualization and data tools, and many more. The group includes developers, product managers, QA, designers, information security professionals, computer vision, OSINT, machine learning, cloud computing management, data analysis, NLP, automation, and GIS, and connects with a variety of organizations to get the job done.

One can even volunteer or request volunteers for Iron Swards War solutions.



An NPO that operates as a social start-up enabling the empowerment of non-profit organizations. The introduction of technological tools alongside the development of applications proves that it is possible to optimize, increase, and improve the activities of non-profit organizations.


Hamal Yozmot

Established on October 7, 2023, Hamal Yozmot, founded by graduates of 8200, Unit 81, and other tech units, is a volunteer community contributing skills to national resilience during the "Iron Swords" war. Growing to thousands of volunteers since the war began, they include tech enthusiasts, doctors, psychologists, media professionals, entrepreneurs, teachers, and more. Under Hamal Yozmot's initiative, they've assisted in numerous projects across various fields, providing technological aid and support for the citizens of Israel.



A non-profit organization that acts as a bridge between the promise of the start-up nation and the people of Israel’s socio-geographic periphery. Appleseeds creates digital equality in Israel through basic and advanced programs in the fields of technology, employment, and life-skills acquisition in order to help people change their own lives for the better. 



She Codes; is a community of women established with the goal of reaching 50% female software developers in the Israeli high-tech scene. In addition, due to the October 7 events, the organization opened an international Hamal Hasbara (diplomacy base) together with other large organizations and is inviting volunteers with technological knowledge to contribute a few hours a week to help with various projects. Fill out this form and join the WhatsApp group.


Mental Health Innovations IL

Mental Health Innovations IL is a community of mental health innovators in Israel that gathers researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, service user advocates, and donors to share innovative resources and ideas to promote mental health.

The community aims to build partnerships, synthesize knowledge, and leverage relevant resources.


Links for Israel

The "Google of Iron Swords" is a portal that serves as a central hub for collecting and arranging Israeli initiatives and needs, including tech-related initiatives, that rose due to the Iron Swords war. It remains regularly updated, welcoming individuals to contribute their initiatives and ideas to the database. Moreover, you're encouraged to participate in the advancement and promotion of the site, which operates as an open-source project.


Start-Up Nation Central Finder

Start-Up Nation Central is a non-profit organization that connects Israeli innovation to the world to help international entities solve global challenges. Inspired by the book Start-Up Nation and immersed in the Israeli technology ecosystem, they provide a platform that nurtures business growth and generates partnerships to strengthen Israel’s economy and society. 

One way that they accomplish this is with their flagship Finder Innovation Business Platform.

This comprehensive knowledge hub centralizes actionable data about Israeli startups and technology-based innovation, providing an avenue for investors and multinational corporations to connect with the ecosystem. You can search for impact startups, investors, hubs, and more by tags and keywords.

Startup Nation Central Finder.jpg

"Iron Swords" Start Up Support

The 8200 Alumni Association is the official organization of the unit's graduates and operates on a non-profit basis. Following needs that arose among startups, the 8200 Alumni Association has prepared an organized database that gathers all the benefits and offers that support startups and small businesses during the Iron Swords War.
The file is updated and also includes a link to a form through which new initiatives can be added and existing ones can be updated. 


8200 Impact

Founded by 8200 alumni in 2013, 8200 IMPACT is the first acceleration program in Israel for impact-tech startups, that aim to solve significant social or environmental problems through advanced technology, for the benefit of society and economy both locally and globally. This program was launched in order to harness the human capital of 8200 alumni for the benefit of society.

8200 Impact


Hackaveret, established by JDC Israel and the National Insurance Institute Funds, is a social entrepreneurship hub that fosters the growth of social entrepreneurship in Israel. It tackles the social challenges faced by at-risk populations, such as the elderly, people with disabilities, and at-risk children and youth, guiding initiatives from ideation to widespread systemic impact, including government implementation.

The hub provides entrepreneurs with a comprehensive support network, including professional mentors, government liaisons, business connections, and collaboration with prominent social organizations.


WE - Women Entrepreneurship

WE is an organization that promotes women entrepreneurship. WE aspires to help, guide, and inspire young women to fulfill their entrepreneurial potential by providing skills & knowledge, exposure to role models, and creating a supportive community. WE offers exclusive entrepreneurship programs, workshops, lectures, networking events, mentoring, and a like-minded community.


Medina L'mofet

Under the auspices of OR Movement, this project strives to unite all the forces, abilities, and tools that created the Startup Nation, for the continuing success and growth of Israel, by developing ideas, promoting and applying actions, initiatives, and investments that will create a national value-based infrastructure to build Israel as an exemplary nation for all its people, everywhere, and in every field.



InNegev, a unique tech incubator, fosters Israeli innovation in ClimaTech & Sustainability through unprecedented collaboration. Supported by the Israeli Innovation Authority, it provides startups in agri-food, water, extreme events, energy, circularity, and carbon capture with a robust support framework, including value creation, mentoring, and comprehensive services, propelling them from concept to commercial breakthrough. If you need startup funding and assistance due to the Iron Swrods War, fill out this form.


The Global Impact Tech Alliance 

GITA focuses on bringing together the most courageous and forward-acting practitioners in the global impact tech arena into trusted groups and development environments - and then supporting these practitioners with products and services developed by the GITA team. The data-based platform, international summits, on-the-job training programs, and networking events are all geared towards tapping into the immense impact potential of technology so that we all can collectively reach the UN SDGs by 2030.


Social Finance Israel (SFI)

SFI, established in 2013, is a pioneer in mobilizing capital to address social issues in Israel through innovative financing tools. As the first social investment hub in the country, SFI develops and implements social bonds, including those targeting dropout prevention in high-tech studies, diabetes prevention, and increased mathematics graduates in Rahat. With a diverse team of professionals, SFI supports social investors, foundations, entrepreneurs, and governments globally, striving for both measurable social impact and financial returns. Leading the Israeli Impact Investment Team, SFI collaborates with senior members from the social, public, and financial sectors. Together with the Nova Project they run the DatA.IL, Israeli innovation community, join by filling out this form. 


Israel Venture Network

IVN is at the forefront of social impact investing in Israel. Through several programs, IVN has created a track record in helping marginalized populations in Israel start businesses and create job opportunities for Youth at Risk, People with Disabilities, the Ultra-Orthodox, and Arab citizens, among others.


Double Impact

The podcast by the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation will reveal everything you need to know about impact entrepreneurship and investments in Israel and around the world.
In Double Impact, professionals in the field, investors, and entrepreneurs are featured, and together, delve into the realms of impact entrepreneurship, where economic value and social value converge. You can also join the community on Facebook and connect with like-minded people.


Oct 7 Startups

The website is dedicating Israeli early-stage startups to lives lost in the 7/10 events. For every fallen soldier, and for every murdered civilian, they are committed to fostering innovation and building a better world. Each startup has the freedom to interpret and shape it as they see fit. Together, they transform pain into growth, resilience into progress, and remembrance into a legacy of hope.

Oct 7 Startups.PNG

Sustainability or Not To Be

A podcast by Shmulik Schwartz on The First Social Radio invites environmental and social entrepreneurs to talk about technological innovation and research in the impact and sustainability realms.

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