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DAV empowered communities with a smart micro-mobility platform that enabled them to build their own network of on-demand electric vehicles. As part of my role, I conducted market research, defined the USP, developed the brand, built the blog website on my own and managed all communication platforms including the CRM and social media and groups, wrote marketing & UX content for the Rider & Owner apps & IoT device, videos, landing pages, one-pagers, newsletters, and posts, and generated leads through PPC and SEO while optimizing their performance.

The Main DAV Video that I Helped Directing, from Ideation to Branding and Social Media Promotion.

The Blog Website I Built by Myself for DAV Using Elementor

Blog .PNG

Brand New T-shirt Design,

Art Directed by me and Designed by Guy Magen

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 14.41.34.png

Art Direction of Social Media Posts

Graphic Design and Photo Credits belong to Guy Magen, Daniel Goldfine, and Myself (:

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