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DB Studios

Since its establishment in 1983, DB Studios is engaged in the post-production industry of soundtracks for cinema and television films.

The company won numerous awards for its soundtracks design for very well known Israeli films and series, such as: "Nina's Tragedies",

"Year Zero","Walking on Water","Transparent", "Fauda" and "Afterthought" - for which they won their tenth Ophir Prize. 

In 2015 as a Marcom Specialist, I proposed and implemented a broad and thorough marketing strategy for their digital and print media platforms, which included: New slogan in English, design and edit of the company's Facebook page, new branded YouTube page, new and efficient mailing system and a creative newsletter, new branded landing page and a letter of introduction, and a database of marketing, branding and PR materials for the firm's use for all its media platforms.

Lead Generation 


Social Media

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