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Google Cloud Platform World Tour at Tel-Aviv

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

The Google Cloud Platform allows businesses to build and run applications, store and analyze data, all on Google’s Cloud. It is not a brand new platform, it is what makes Google, Google, and now it is opened for the first time to developers and businesses.

From a marketing point of view, NEXT TLV 2016 was nothing short than amazing. Starting from the entrance to the Convention Center to the huge auditorium, everything was branded: Colorful signs, furniture and a live presentation that flickered on a huge screen.

Besides the technical introduction, the roadshow provided insights from Google customers about the Cloud and why we should all use it. I am always happy to see a company which understands that the best marketing strategy is satisfied customers. However, when it is the most widely used web-based search engine company, I believe that this basic realization provides a significant explanation to its success.

Google views data centers as living things. They are not islands but exist in a connected world, connected to devices, other services and other data centers.

To sum up, I enjoyed everything from the tech talk to the great things you can do with all the data using the Cloud, and especially the creative and deliberate way

that Google transmitted this information to the audience. It all made my first encounter with Google's marketing capabilities an unforgettable experience.


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