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5 Unconventional Reasons to Join Stratoscale

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Everybody says that their startup has the greatest workplace culture, but I've been working at Stratoscale, a cloud infrastructure company, for a few mounts now and I must say it is definitely one of the most unique and exciting places to work for. But don't just take my word for it, here are 5 special factors that will make you want to join us.

1. We Literally Work at a Spaceship

If you consider software companies to be grey and boring - ours is not that case.

Our conference rooms hold the names of Star Wars characters, and whether you are a Star Wars Fan or not, you have to admit that's pretty fly. So, is a meeting at Yoda at 10:30 works out for you?

2. Time for Work, Time for Play

There's nothing better than talking to a colleague with a cardboard hammer in your hand, don't you think? We have a collection of dolls and tools that are laying around our desks, and the best thing is that we are all about sharing them! So, if you have funny toys that you want to bring to the office - go ahead. Here we know how to maintain a business-pleasure balance.

3. Mazal Tov, it's Your Birthday!

Almost every week [and oftentimes a few times a week], we are all taking a break in the middle of the workday to eat some fine birthday cakes. Moreover, if you are "one of the guys", you should expect some crazy birthday prank! This is our way to show our colleagues that they are loved on their special day.

4. So Fresh So Clean

Eating cakes every other day doesn't prevent us from keeping our bodies in good shape.

In fact, many of my colleagues enjoy getting to work on their bikes. Once they arrive, they can take a cool shower at the office and dry themselves off with the company's soft towels. Now, isn't that neat?

5. The Evening Breeze

Or the morning breeze, for that matter. Whenever you feel like it, you can step outside to our wide balcony, grab a nice cold beer and breath some fresh air.

Save me a seat would you?

Now that you know how great it is to work at Stratoscale, you can take the next step to a brighter future and send us your application!

And if you see a position that might be relevant for a friend - be a great pal and share this post with them! We are always happy to welcome ambitious and talented people to join our team.

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