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"Sell Me This AI Pen" - The Tech Product Marketing Way 🖋️

Updated: Feb 22

The "Sell me this pen" challenge is popular in the sales world, enjoyed by professionals across the spectrum, from retail mavens to savvy Wall Street executives.

But what if the pen is not an ordinary pen - it's an AI pen, a technological marvel? Would you start selling it right away with no preparation at all? No, of course, you won’t.

Before starting your sales pitch, a tech product marketing manager (PMM) should step in to meticulously pave the way.

🔎 Step 1: Market Research & Competitive Analysis

Delving into the market, the PMM analyzes trends and scrutinizes competitors. What sets this AI pen apart, and where are the opportunities for market disruption?

🗃️ Step 2: Market Segmentation, Customer Profiles & Jobs-To-Be-Done

Precision is key. The PMM defines the target audience, understanding their needs, pain points, and the jobs the customer wants the AI pen to perform. This ensures tailored messaging.

🧾 Step 3: Product Positioning & Messaging

Crafting a narrative that resonates is paramount. The PMM strategically positions the AI pen, defining its unique value proposition and showcasing how it solves a problem better than alternatives.

💲 Step 4: Pricing

The PMM determines a pricing strategy and a model that reflect the AI pen's value in the market and are aligned with the company’s ROI goals.

🗺️ Step 5: Go-To-Market Strategy

The PMM formulates a well-thought-out plan for the launch of the AI pen, considering channels, target audience, and key messages to create an impactful market entry.

🎦 Step 6: Content Development

Engaging mid-bottom-of-the-funnel content unfolds. The PMM creates assets that explain the product value and features and highlight its unfair advantages to enable your sales team to sell effectively.

👩‍🏫 Step 7: Sales & Customer Success Enablement

Equipping the sales and CS teams with the right tools is crucial. The PMM ensures they understand the AI pen's value and establishes sales kits and support guides that will serve as a guiding light for their customer-facing efforts.

🚀 Step 8: Product Launch

The planning peak arrives as the PMM orchestrates the product launch with the marketing team, leveraging the strategies developed in earlier steps.

🔧 Step 9: Product Feature Suggestions

The journey doesn't end at launch. The PMM establishes feedback loops to continuously enhance the AI pen's features, ensuring it evolves in line with market demands.

As the stage is set, the AI pen becomes more than a product—it's a narrative meticulously crafted by the PMM, targeted to the right audience at the right time and place, setting the foundation for the sales team to deliver their act and bring in profits. The saga of the AI pen unfolds, a testament to the invaluable strategic role of the tech product marketing manager.

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